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Welcome to the Warwick Writing Programme

We are title partner for The Sunday Times/University of Warwick Young Writer of the Year Award, whose previous winners have included Sally Rooney, Zadie Smith, Sarah Waters and Simon Armitage. You will be working alongside practising, award-winning novelists, poets, writers and literary translators.

Our teaching staff includes: Lucy Brydon, A.L. Kennedy, Sarah Moss, Tim Leach, Michael Hulse, Will Eaves, David Vann, Maureen Freely, Gonzalo C. Garcia, David Morley and Chantal Wright.

English Literature and Creative Writing (BA)

This practical course will teach you about the creative writing process and help you become a better reader, with a deeper understanding of literary theories and texts. You will be taught by practising and award-winning writers, bridging the gap between academic and creative approaches to literature.

Warwick Thursdays

A weekly literary salon featuring visiting novelists, poets, dramatists, filmmakers, translators, publishers, editors, journalists, agents and artists.

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