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Funding success for Dr Jess Savage

A boat at sunset in Cambodia

Image credit: Dr Marco J Haenssgen

Dr Jess Savage, Associate Professor in Global Sustainable Development has been awarded £44,676 from the University Global Challenges Research Fund: Accelerator Programme to undertake a research project titled "Protected Areas and People: Exploring perceived wisdoms surrounding natural resource management and sustainability". The aim of the research is to help find sustainable, long term solutions by developing strategic tools for the effective design and implementation of management systems. This will allow the expansion of current knowledge networks throughout Cambodia, and into nearby Myanmar.

What are protected areas?

Marine protected areas primarily aim to alter the way that humans interact with their environment, reducing the use and extraction of natural resources, such as fish.

What's the need for research?

Although marine protected areas are increasingly heralded as the best solution to the ever-growing issues resulting from the unsustainable extraction and exploitation of natural resources, it is necessary to understand the impact of these protected areas on local communities. At present, policy implementation is operating ahead of our understanding of the impacts on both ecological and social communities.

What do we already know?

Earlier work indicates that due to a lack of understanding and resources, there is currently a heavy reliance on international NGOs. Therefore, this project aims to work collaboratively with local NGOs to develop tools to support local organisations, communities, and academic institutions to fill existing knowledge gaps. This will support community advocacy and independence, allowing more effective transparency and integration throughout the coastal zone.

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