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Romain Chenet

Romain Chenet

Contact details

Email: Romain dot Chenet at warwick dot ac dot uk
Tel.: +44 (0) 24765 75979
Room: R3.32 (Ramphal Building)

Term 2 office hours:

Tuesdays 10am-12pm (online only, via Teams).

Fridays 2-4pm (In-person only, in R3.32).

For all appointments, click here to book.
Reminder: Tuesday = online, Friday = in-person.

Other times available by email request.

Senior Teaching Fellow


I joined the Global Sustainable Development team in February 2021, having taught part-time in the department from 2018 to 2020. My current role in GSD is split between teaching and administrative management. I hold an MA in Social Research, MA in International Politics, BA in Politics and Sociology, and my research focus is completing a PhD thesis on the transformative capacity of post-2015 development policies. Briefly, this project spans development, sociology, and politics in exploring supranational governance through poststructural discourse analysis with a feminist intentionality.

I was previously based in London, working in corporate relations and management roles for INGOs including UNICEF and the Red Cross to incept and fund multi-year development projects as well as respond to humanitarian emergencies. Prior to settling in the UK, I lived in Asia (Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia), fostering my lifelong interest in development theory and practice. I am a keen writer and my interests include French/Thai cuisine, gardening, Buddhist philosophy, and spending time with my cats.

2021-2022 Modules

GD106: Social Principles of Global Sustainable Development (Convening Lecturer).

GD302: Surviving the Apocalypse (Convening Lecturer).

GD309: Debt, Money, and Global Sustainable Development (Seminar Tutor).

Global Sustainable Development Principles and Praxis (Convening Lecturer).

Certificate of Digital Literacy (Convening Lecturer).

GD909: Global Challenges and Transdisciplinary Responses (Contributing Lecturer).

GD912: Popular Movements and Sustainable Change (Convening Lecturer).

    Teaching and research interests

    The post-2015 ‘sustainable development’ era; Intersections of economic, social, and environmental development policy (growth, poverty, inequality, and sustainability); Poststructural discourse analysis; Gender and development; Climate and sustainability governance; NGOs, activism and civil society; Critical approaches (post-development, feminist, alternatives to development, degrowth / Buddhist economics); Epistemological pluralism and decolonisation beyond metaphors and buzzwords; The history, politics, and sociology of development as a global project.

    Selected conference papers

    Development Studies Association 2020 Conference, University of Birmingham
    ‘Firmly in Britain's own national interest': DfID's dying development. Panel: Public Opinion & Foreign Aid.

    International Development 2019 Conference, IDS, University of Sussex
    Bilateral aid donors and discontents. Panel: Problematising Aid & Partnerships in Development.

    Centre for the Study of Women and Gender 2018 Symposium, University of Warwick
    Panel Discussant: Feminism in/against Neoliberalism in International Development & Social Movements.

    Selected publications

    Chenet, R. (2020). Pursuing post-structuralism without linguistics. The Sociological Review Online.