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Arabella King

Project lead, Arabella King, in her graduation cap and gown

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Postgraduate student studying MASc Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick.

Operationalising Sustainable Procurement: Aligning procurement to the University of Warwick’s ‘The Way to Sustainable’ and world-leading reputation.

Despite the research-based nature of university institutions, operationalising sustainability agenda has been limited, especially regarding sustainable procurement. The Public Services (Social Value) Act in 2012 made it a legal requirement for public procurement to consider sustainability but made no attempt to introduce stringent or measurable objectives. Meaning that, while sustainable procurement is supported by legislation, there is very little policy incentive to make it a priority.

The University of Warwick seeks to affirm its world-leading reputation and act as a leader in this area, creating ambitious progress towards sustainable development. This Practice-based Project aims to create a sustainable procurement framework for the full diversity of the University of Warwick's procurement to operationalise it's sustainability strategy, 'The Way to Sustainable' in everyday decision making.

Partnering with Warwick

This project partners with the University of Warwick's procurement department.

Academic supervisor: Dr Alastair Smith

Project Goals

Align procurement decision making with the University of Warwick's ‘The Way to Sustainable’ strategy.

Create ambitious and innovative progress on sustainable procurement within the University of Warwick, based around the triple bottom line of sustainability model (equal consideration of social, environmental, and economic factors), ensuring a process that incorporates genuine social and environmental value into procurement while remaining efficient and cost-effective.

Deliver a thoroughly considered and ethically researched project for effective practical application by the University of Warwick.

Project Outcomes

The creation of a University of Warwick specialised sustainable procurement framework, that is personalised to the University of Warwick sustainability strategy, founded in academic research, and based around practical application.

Future Research Aspirations

My main interest lies in the intersection of the sustainability agenda and business sector, as I see this as an area with great potential to create positive change. I have a background in geography and environmental science and am interested in continuing to pursue these areas of knowledge, whether it be in academia or industry.