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Professor Dave Griggs

10:06, Thu 18 Aug 2016

Professor Dave Griggs is one of the most well-known academics in the area of climate change in the world. Since his beginnings as a PhD student studying cloud physics, Dave has gone on to lead some of the world's most respected climate change organisations. He became the Deputy Chief Scientist at the UK's Met Office – Britain's Bureau of Meteorology - and director of the world's leading climate modelling centre, the Hadley Centre for Climate Change. Dave provided scientific advice during the Kyoto Protocol negotiations, and was Head of the IPCC science working group secretariat that gathered and assessed the research of the world's top climate scientists. The IPCC would later share the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore. But after years of working at the forefront of climate science, Dave became frustrated with the lack of urgency he saw around him. So he moved to Australia and took on the challenge of leading the Monash Sustainability Institute (MSI). As MSI’s first full time Director Professor Griggs has led MSI through a period of incredible growth, taking it from humble beginnings in 2007 to a $8.7 million p.a. organisation in 2014, boasting over 50 staff and 120 government, business, civic and academic partners. During Dave’s tenure, MSI launched flagship programs such as BehaviourWorks Australia, the Sustainable Development Program, the Monash Water for Liveability Centre and the award-winning ClimateWorks Australia (of which Dave has been CEO). After seven years in the role, he is stepping down as Director of the Monash Sustainability Institute. Professor Griggs, who joined MSI in 2007, will stay with MSI in a more research focussed role.

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