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Dr. Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla awarded Warwick Research Development Fund

This summer, Dr. Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla, was awarded the Warwick Research Development Fund for her research on the Cuban international solidarity programme in Tanzania. This specific project is a collaboration with Dr. Virginie Grzelzyk (Aston University). The project will investigate how the concepts of aid and dignity underpin a distinctive approach to sustainable development in parts of the Global South, and explore how aid can turn into an agent of empowerment for recipient countries. Through an innovative and inter-disciplinary approach, both researchers will analyse the relationships between donor and recipient nations in South-South cooperation (SSC), amongst ODA countries, focusing particularly on the existing solidarity programmes between Cuba, the DPRK and the African continent. By analysing such relationships through qualitative and oral history interviews, this project will offer proposals on how these existing aid partnerships can be solidified and potentially streamlined in order for aid to be more effective, while also becoming a source of inspiration for other South-South and North-South cooperation relations.

Dr Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla