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GLOBUS: Celebrating two years of publishing and new Editor in Chief

The end of last month marked two moments in GLOBUS' history as the Editor's Edition of the student-run sustainability journal went on sale and Todd Olive stepped down as Editor in Chief. GLOBUS was founded in early 2015 by staff from the School for Cross-faculty Studies and was taken over by students in September 2016.

Commemorating two years of publishing, the Editor's Edition titled 'Tomorrow' is a compilation of articles on sustainability challenges, written by GLOBUS Warwick. The edition is available to purchase as a PDF and in print, and has been designed, curated and edited by outgoing Editor in Chief Todd Olive. 'Tomorrow' went on sale last week on Wednesday 29 January 2020, and you can now order a copy here.

The majority of writers who have contributed to the publication are students from the GSD Department. The full list of writers includes: Braedie Atkins, Angelo Balagtas, Finn Beckett-Hester, Julie Boukobza, Ellie Church, Emily Dekker, Constance Frohly, Anna Hardisty, Emily Harros, Safiya Hassan, Lucy Jordan, Tori Keene, Zafirah Kesington, Benedikt Loula, Rheanna Mathurin, Lucia Mollea, Todd Olive, Aada Orava, Alicia Siddons, Mayu Suzuki, Gwendolyn Tan, Silia Tsigka, Daichi Yoshioka.

Last week also saw Todd Olive, a final year Economic Studies and GSD student, step down as Editor in Chief of the online journal after spending the last two years in the role. With his departure, GLOBUS has welcomed second-year Single Honours GSD student, Tori Keene, as their new Editor in Chief.

We spoke to Todd about his highlights from his time in the role.

"I think the biggest thing actually has to be working with the writers themselves. Ever since I first took the role, back in January 2018, I have been continually inspired and impressed by the breadth and quality of work that’s produced by our fantastic team.

"After that, though, there have to be two special mentions. Most obviously, the Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum, which I founded with the support of GLOBUS’ Outreach Team about twelve months ago (read more here). Maybe on an even wider platform, the Climate Emergency campaign that we co-ordinated with GSD Society and Climate Reality resulting in the University's commitments to carbon neutrality (read more here).

"I have been continually inspired and impressed by the breadth and quality of work that’s produced by our fantastic team"

"The list, of course, doesn’t end there. Receiving the first proof of 'Tomorrow' really made the scale of what we’ve achieved together hit home; the diverse panels and interviews that I’ve had the fortune to represent GLOBUS at, not least at the end of last term when I was invited to challenge BP’s Head of UK Operations on a panel hosted on campus by Tortoise Media, have really challenged me to understand and develop my own views in the sustainability sphere and beyond.

"The last thing I’d be remiss not to mention is the people that I’ve met along the way. Particularly while working with the GSD Department, on Oopen days and in the annual GSD Year 12 Competition, but also through other events that we’ve run or been a part of, I’ve been really privileged to meet some brilliantly intelligent, imaginative, and frankly inspiring individuals.

"All in? I wouldn’t change a thing."

We also asked Todd to take a look back on his favourite articles. Todd says that the selection of 28 articles that are in 'Tomorrow' are in his view GLOBUS' best in the last two years. His top four articles include:

  1. "The Anthropocene": Why all the fuss?, by Alicia Siddons [Commissioning Editor, February 2018 – June 2019]
  2. As the Gavel Strikes: The True Meaning of Climate Justice, by Lucy Jordan [Assistant Editor, January 2019 – June 2019; Deputy Editor, July 2019 – Present]
  3. Rewriting the Radioactive Record, by Emily Harros
  4. A Colonial Carol: The Hypocritical Basis for Sustainable Development, by Zafirah Kesington

With Todd stepping down and Tori starting, we also got in touch with Tori to ask her what she's most looking forward to as GLOBUS' new Editor in Chief.

"The part of being that I am most looking forward to is building on all of Todd's work in increasing awareness of sustainability, in every sense of the word, both on campus and beyond. Too often, I think people view sustainability as being just about the environment. As important as climate change is, sustainability is so much more - human trafficking and modern day slavery, artificial intelligence and public health responses, which could not be more relevant in our current times as the world reacts to the novel coronavirus outbreak, are all important aspects of the sustainability agenda.

"I'm looking forward to continuing the growth of our readership, in order to prove our fantastic authors with a bigger platform and wider audience"

"It's also always a thrill to look at where in the world people are viewing our articles - GLOBUS truly is global, and I'm looking forward to continuing the growth of our readership, in order to prove our fantastic authors with a bigger platform and wider audience."

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