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GSD photograph selected for IATL 2021 calendar

Grey stonework with a single plant growing from the stone

Image credit: Dr Marco J Haenssgen

Under the guiding question “What does Interdisciplinarity mean to you?", a photograph submitted by Assistant Professor in GSD, Dr Marco J Haenssgen, to the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning's (IATL) Interdisciplinary Images Competition has been selected for display in IATL's 2021 digital calendar.

The IATL competition required participants to “Produce an image or photo portraying Interdisciplinarity.” The submitted photograph, entitled “Growth”, was taken at the Wat Kanon temple in Ratchaburi province in Thailand. Dr Haenssgen describes how the image corresponds to the competition theme:

“This picture represents how interdisciplinary work can add colour and new dimensions to long-standing and at times rigid ways of thinking. As interdisciplinary scholars, we at times feel a little out of place in such (seemingly grey) structures, yet – and provided receptive ground – we can take root, flourish, and potentially lead the way towards new directions in theory and practice.”

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