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New articles from GSD researcher on the history of credit for agriculture and global development

Drying of the cocoa bean by a farmer at Nkyerepoaso in Juaben municipal of the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Image credit: King Bangaba on Wikimedia Commons

    Dr Nick Bernards, Assistant Professor in GSD, has recently published two articles on the history of agricultural credit and its importance in shaping global development.
    The first, published in New Political Economy, examines the history of agricultural credit programmes at the World Bank from 1960-1990. It shows how these projects complicate the history of structural adjustment in global development.
    The second, published in Geoforum, links the present-day promotion of financial inclusion in Ghana to a longer history of interventions seeking to address poverty and environmental vulnerability in agriculture through the promotion of access to finance dating to the colonial period.
    If you would like to access the articles, please get in touch with Nick: n dot bernards at warwick dot ac dot uk.