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GSD student presents research in Parliament

Alice Vodden at the Posters in Parliament Event

Congratulations to our final-year GSD and Business Studies student, Alice Vodden, for presenting her research at the Posters in Parliament event in Westminster in March!

Alice was one of two Warwick students selected to attend this year's exhibition.
The annual Posters in Parliament event brings together a collection of the best undergraduate research from across the country. The event is part of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR), an open coalition of universities dedicated to encouraging a national culture of undergraduate research. Alice is also due to present her research at BCUR 2020, later this year.
At the Posters in Parliament event, Alice shared her dissertation research with legislators, policy-makers and those from other universities across the UK.

Alice's research project was titled "The drivers of overdiagnosis within modern healthcare systems - An interdisciplinary analysis using the meta-narrative review method".

"It was such a fantastic experience"

"I presented the preliminary findings of my undergraduate dissertation research, conducting an interdisciplinary analysis of the drivers of overdiagnosis in modern healthcare systems. With the large proportion of current literature to date looking at the issue from within the medical context alone, this paper adopted a wider perspective in the hope that this would shed light on novel insights surrounding the underlying causes of overdiagnosis. The findings suggested that the causes originate largely as a result of societal beliefs and perceptions of tech/science/disease, at local, regional, national and international levels. The research therefore eludes to the wider importance of adopting an interdisciplinary approach when conducting health service/system research, with the findings having potentially important health policy implications and revealing several avenues for further research.

It was such a fantastic experience and great to meet other students from across the country and hear about their research!"