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Transcript: David's video

Hi, my name is David and I’m a third-year Economics and GSD student, and I wanted to speak to you about some of the benefits that I found living at a campus university.  

The first benefit would have to be convenience. Having your lecture halls and small teaching classrooms so close to your accommodation blocks will save you a lot of time otherwise spent commuting between your contact hours and any extracurricular and social activities that you may have.  

The GSD Department is located only three minutes away from central campus, and this will provide you with very accessible academic support and feedback, and it will help you quickly feel part of the Department’s community.  

Having a campus university also means there is likely more green space, for which Warwick has a huge amount of for you to enjoy, including woodlands, lakes, and open fields.  

On the Warwick campus, there’s also a multitude of sources of wellbeing support, including your Residential Life Team wardens operating in accommodation blocks, your personal tutor in GSD, the Students’ Union’s Advice Centre, as well as Nightline, our student-led, peer-to-peer, non-judgmental listening service operating throughout the night to ensure that students have 24-hour access to support. 

Being on campus also means that you’ll be part of a vibrant student community. You will constantly be meeting new people, either through your accommodation blocks, your lectures and seminars or just anywhere around campus. There are over 250 student-run societies, as well as over 60 sports clubs, operating both on-campus using Warwick Sports’ facilities including their new Sports Hub opening in 2019, as well as off-campus, using specialist training facilities.  

Having a centralised campus, where the majority of societies and sports club activities and social events are held, therefore makes being involved very easy. The campus is, however, located at the edge of Coventry, and may feel a bit isolating at times. However, there are excellent and frequent transport links to and from the campus to nearby cities and towns, and travel beyond Coventry is made easy by its excellent railway links to most parts of the UK.  

Another aspect of campus living which you should consider is what’s characterised by the ‘bubble’ effect. This is where students moving away from campus beyond their first year of study, may find that they have to adapt some of their learnt behaviours, having got used to the convenience of having a central campus. However, you are only on campus for a year, and it is your responsibility to be organised and adapt to living independently, for which I feel a campus university provides for a smoother transition, especially for people who are moving away from home for the very first time.  

So those are some of the benefits that I found with living on a campus university. I hope you found this video useful, and if you have any more questions about studying GSD, be sure to check out the GSD website.  

Thank you for watching.