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Transcript: Inequalities and Sustainable Development

Hey everyone my name is Akshaya and I'm a final-year single honours GSD student and I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the 'Inequalities' module.

So the Inequalities module is a second-year optional core module which I took last year and it essentially comprises a variety of different topics that link inequalities to global sustainable development. In my experience we looked at, for example, professional discrimination, we looked at modern slavery, environmental inequalities, indigenous rights, disability, automation, the ecological transition, and many, many more topics which was one of my favorite aspects of this module - the variety of topics that you can engage with and it makes you see the issue of inequalities from a lot of different perspectives and in a lot of different ways, which helps you to fully understand the extent and nature of the problem.

In terms of this module's assessment, when I was taking the 30 CATs (credits) module, we had to firstly engage with logbooks. Logbooks are like critical engagement or critical analysis of one of the readings which in my experience we had to submit five formative each term and four summative at the end of the year and this module was really helpful in helping me to fully understand the readings because you weren't just summarising the work, you were adding potentially your own perspective to it, or finding potential problems with it which was really interesting and useful in developing your analytical skills.

A second part of this module's assessment was the research paper and this was one of my favourite assessments in this module because you have the freedom to make it entirely your own, as long as it related to inequalities and sustainable development. For example, I was really interested in environmental inequalities and the inequalities of climate change which I was really excited to do my research paper about. This assessment was also really helpful in helping me to prepare for my dissertation or giving me like experience in terms of research for my dissertation because you use a lot of the same skills and the same structure which was really helpful.

Then also as part of the assessment, we had to do a conference so that is essentially presenting your findings from your research paper and also a discussion so that was, in my experience, engaging with a peers research paper and providing constructive feedback which was really helpful in helping me to understand what makes a good research paper because I was looking at someone else's work rather than my own which gave me a very different perspective.

So yeah, this module is really, really interesting it was definitely one of my favorite modules as part of my degree. I learned a lot from it, not just in terms of topics and the nature of the issue of inequalities, but also in terms of presentation and analytical and research skills, so I would definitely recommend taking it.