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Kanishka Arumugam

Kanishka Arumugam

Kanishka Arumugam is Co-CEO of EKKI Water Technologies. In addition to his academic pursuits, which include pursuing an MBA at Oxford University and a Master's program in WMG at Warwick, Kanishka Arumugam is a next-generation leader within his family's business, EKKI. As part of his commitment to sustainable innovation, Arumugam is the driving force behind the first wastewater Joint Venture in collaboration with HOMA, a renowned global wastewater technology company. Under Mr. Arumugam's strategic and youthful leadership, EKKI has successfully positioned itself as a globally competitive and esteemed mid-sized family business within its industry.

Furthermore, Mr. Arumugam holds the distinction of being the youngest National Next-Gen President at the CII Family Business Network. He also serves as a Trustee in his family's educational institutions and actively engages in various advisory roles for international start-ups and institutions. EKKI's achievements have recently earned recognition as a case study at the INSEAD Business School and have been featured in the book 'Enabling Next Gen Legacies.'

EKKI Water Technologies is a leading family business based in Coimbatore, India. The company efficiently and sustainably pumps and transports water for agriculture, building services, and utilities, exporting its products to more than 20 countries.

In his role as an Honorary Fellow at IGSD, Mr. Arumugam will share his unique insights on how businesses can be a force for good, promote sustainability in the water industry, and support students in gaining a broader understanding of entrepreneurship and sustainable global development. His contributions at EKKI and his academic achievements at institutions like Oxford, Warwick, Stanford, Leeds, and Sheffield have equipped him with a distinctive ability to bridge academia and business—a skill possessed by very few individuals. His affiliation with the University is poised to further the IGSD's mission of promoting sustainability principles within the industry.