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Completed projects

A selection of completed research projects IGSD has been involved in, including projects that have moved to other institutions due to staff changes.

Water, Health and Urban Resilience

Investigating the links between water, health and resilience in Brazil and the UK.

Humanitarian Data

Building a common understanding and a collaboration platform around the challenges of data quality, geospatial methods and governance

Data, displacement and humanitarian protection

This project led by Professor Vicki Squire in Politics and International Studies will acquire improved understanding of the importance of ethically sound data-driven humanitarian aid.

Mapping deprivation levels of urban neighbourhoods

Developing transdisciplinary networks that leverage Earth observation and community-driven geospatial information to ensure access to basic urban services.

Waterproofing Data

waterproofing data image

Investigating the governance of water-related risks, with a focus on social and cultural aspects of data practices.


Expanding and refining the understanding of risks, vulnerabilities and potentialities associated with rain-related geohazards in Latin America.

Geo-spatial Mapping of Health Services in Slums

Mapping health services and facilities to understand how they are used by people living in seven slums across Africa and Asia.

Creating Interfaces

Building capacity for integrated governance at the Food-Water-Energy-nexus in cities on the water

UKRI GCRF Global Research Translation Award: Waterproofing Data

Developing, deploying and evaluating a mobile application and community-based intervention to increase the resilience of flood prone communities around several cities in Brazil.

Sustainable Development of Informal Settlements and Citarum Basin Ecologies

Developing Transdisciplinary Partnerships for Urban Water Transformations