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Our Research Projects

Our research spans disciplinary boundaries and expands our understanding of human-environment relationships this way contributing to sustainable development.

We develop world-leading research that engages with global sustainable development frameworks, including Agenda 2030Link opens in a new window and the United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsLink opens in a new window (SDGs).

We have expertise from science, humanities and the social sciences. We believe having multiple perspectives is the best way to deliver transformative change. We also work with non-academic stakeholders.

DFF AGMOW: Anticipating Governance in a Multi-Order World

Understanding transformation of global multi-order governance in response to climate emergency, geopolitical conflicts, migration and health pandemics.

Horizon Europe SHAPEDEM-EU

Rethinking and reshaping the EU’s democracy support in its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods.

Research England: Resilience and War

Resilience and War

Studying the sources of resilience through stories of lifeways and their disruption in Ukraine.

Warwick Ukraine-Belarus (WUB) Hub

Examining the challenges facing contemporary Belarus, Ukraine and the wider region, in times of the war and conflict

Horizon 2020: RiskPACC


Integrating risk perception and action to enhance civil protection-citizen interaction

PSF: Mapping of Communities' Knowledge

Facilitating knowledge exchange between citizens and policy makers through dialogical participatory mapping

Earth Systems Governance through Purpose Ecosystems

Investigating the role and agency of purpose ecosystems in contributing to Earth System Governance.

GCRF COMPASS+ Impact Forum

Our Spaces

Comprehensive capacity-building in Central Eurasia: tackling sustainability challenges in times of war and crises

Migration & management of protected areas in Madagascar

Exploring policy pathways considering migration dynamics in the sustainable management of protected areas in Madagascar

Commercialising social research: Assessing social impacts of environmental policies

Offering new tools for a different approach to social impact assessments of environmental policies by promoting key principles of 'good governance'

Commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort

A training and research programme established by the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the British Council


GamEngage is an international network of serious game researchers, developers, and practitioners.

Grapevine and the University of Warwick

Working with local communities in Coventry to combat air pollution by citizen science and citizen juries

Visualisation Project

Mapping and visualising research collaboration at Warwick via SDGs based on academic publications, projects and staff research profiles

Early Career Researchers (ECR) Sustainability Training School (STS) 1.0 (2022-23)

Our first Early Career Researcher (ECR) Sustainability Training School (STS), organised by IGSD in partnership with the EUTOPIALink opens in a new window consortium, was held on 5-9 June 2023 at the University of Warwick.

ECR Sustainability Training School 2.0 (2023-24)

Our 2nd Early Career Researcher Sustainability Training School (ECR STS), organised by IGSD with the support of Warwick's Enhancing Research Culture Fund, in partnership with EUTOPIALink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window consortium, was held on 14-19 April 2024 at the University of Warwick.