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Outreach and Widening Participation

On 10th March 2023, Year 3 and Year 4 students of the St Osburg's RC Primary School, Coventry visited the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, where a little 'Dippy Returns' surprise workshop awaited them, and they dipped between the three stages below.


The workshop began with students being introduced to the two facilitators, from Warwick IGSD- Rachael Kirwan and Nikita Asnani -and what they do!

This was followed by an animated video on the evolution of dinosaurs from birds, a relation which the kids were surprised to know about!


Students colour their brilliant bird box sheets to take home!


We made sure this engagement event was NOT a one-time/one-off, open-loop experience. What made this experience truly holistic in our opinion, was that while students took away factsheets on bird spotting, fat ball recipes, different types of dinosaurs, 'Draw your own Dinosaur'; teachers were given lesson plans to support Dippy's delivery in classroom curriculum.

Following the success of our workshop with students from St. Osburgs RC Primary School, we were back to the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum for Earth Day, on 22nd April, this time with a table set up for interactive factsheets and Bird Box colouring resources, open to all families in Coventry.

Beyond IGSD: A Lens into Examples of Best Practice across University

A Spotlight on Best practice at the School for Cross-Faculty Studies

The School for Cross-faculty Studies grounds its pedagogical vision in facilitating transformative social, economic and environmental change through interdisciplinary research and teaching. We embrace a problem-based learning approach, treating all disciplinary backgrounds as essential in order to create solutions to societies' most pressing problems. The School's Global Sustainable Development (GSD) and Liberal Arts departments offer Outreach and Widening Participation programmes designed to introduce students between the age of 14-18 to our method of teaching and learning, and the Big Questions our degree courses pose. We are firmly committed to contributing to our Widening Participation programmes, aiming to empower and enable all individuals to have full access to our challenging and inspiring degrees.

We are able to tailor our GSD and Liberal Arts programmes to your requirements, so please do get in touch with either of our Outreach Co-Ordinators, Dr Martin Lima (GSD) or Dr William Rupp (Liberal Arts), to find out more.

GSD programmes

Contact: Dr Martin Lima

  • Warwick Sutton Scholars Year 9 Programme
  • Year 12 Essay Competition
  • Year 12 'University Taster Day'
  • Year 12 'Experience Warwick Summer School'
  • Gradu8 Year 8 Boys Summer School
  • A Sustainable Food Trail
  • Managing Natural Resources: Designing a Marine Protected Area
  • Overfishing and the Tragedy of the Commons
  • What is Global Sustainable Development?
  • The Global Food System

For more information about our past activities, please see here.

Liberal Arts programmes

Contact: Dr William Rupp

  • Warwick Bright Stars Primary School Programme
  • Metamorphoses of Frankenstein Year 9 Taster Day
  • Sutton Trust Summer Schools
  • Gradu8 Year 8 Boys Summer School
  • Year 10 and Year 12 University Taster Days
  • "Wakanda Forever": Exploring Utopia
  • Frankenstein Today
  • The Beautiful Game? Politics and the Pitch
  • Sustainable Futures
  • Censorship and the Responsibilities of Art

For more information about our past activities, please see here.