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Early Career Researchers’ (ECR) Sustainability Training School (STS) Global

Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD) in partnership with the EUTOPIA consortium

Space 43, Scarman Conference Centre

What an incredible week!

We welcomed 20 participants from over 18 different countries all working together to tackle the complex challenges of sustainable development. Check out this year's padlet to get a sense of interdisciplinary collaboration and meaningful discussions we had.


The theme of the ECR STS 2.0 is ‘Water Security and Resilience’, and it directly addresses a wide spectrum of challenges urban and regional communities are phasing across the Global South and the Global North. We are looking for contributions that would explore conceptual approaches, tools, models, and case-studies that would focus one or more of the following topics:

· Inequalities related to water security.

· Water for ecosystems and environmental management.

· Water, sanitation, and health (WASH) challenges across the Global South.

· Water-related hazards (i.e. pluvial and fluvial flooding, flash flooding etc).

· Place-based ideas to enhance the resilience of communities in the Global South & North.

· Climate change and the impact on water security and environmental ecosystems.

· Urban and regional adaptation to climate change, with a focus on water security.

· Monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation actions.


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