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Victor Shadurski


Victor Shadurski is formerly Dean and Professor of the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University. In March 2021, after raising his voice in opposition to the regime’s brutal treatment of staff and students of the University, Professor Shadurski was asked to resign. He thereafter left the country becoming a dissident in exile. Since then Professor Shadurski had Visiting Fellowships at the universities in Germany and Poland, and is actively participating in The Baltic University Programme. His main research interest is the study of the nature of authoritarianism, its driving forces, and prospects in the case of Belarus, as part of SDG16. He also works on the theory and history of international relations, foreign and domestic policy of Belarus, cultural foreign policy of European countries and issues related to sustainable development (peace & justice). Victor is the author of more than 200 scientific publications.

Recent publications include:

Shadurski, Victor (2023), Power and Society in Belarus: From Balance of Interests to Conflict (1994–2020) in Analysing conflict settings. Case studies from Eastern Europe with a focus on Ukraine (2023) Edited by Andrea Gawrich, Peter Haslinger and Monika Wingender, Harrassowitz. Interdisziplinäre Studien zum östlichen Europa 10, 45–70.

Shadurski, V. (2023). 13 Where Does Belarus. Belarus in the Twenty-First Century: Between Dictatorship and Democracy, 193–205.

Shadurski, V. (2023). Chapter 10: Political regimes in Eastern Europe countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) and their impact on foreign policy in Branka, T., Shadurski, V., Moraczewska, A., Braghiroli, S., Makarychev, A., Malanshenkova, O., ... & Szacawa, D. (2023). Re-thinking the Baltic Sea Region: trends and challenges, 255–304.