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IGSD Geospatial Information Science (GIS) Helpdesk - information event

2pm, Friday 25th September 2020

Join the IGSD team for this short event that will introduce the GIS research helpdesk and the team behind it. This event is for University of Warwick staff and students only.

The geospatial research helpdesk (GIS Helpddesk) is a help service staffed by volunteers from the IGSD research team. It is aimed at University of Warwick researchers seeking assistance in GIScience programs and applications and the use of geospatial techniques to support research. We will provide advice and guidance via bookable sessions.

The event will take place virtually in MS Teams. The link can be found via the MS Team Space for the GIS Helpdesk.

Join the Team Space

Alternatively, we will send you the link to join the email if you email gishelpdesk at warwick dot ac dot uk

Aim of the GIS Research Helpdesk.

IGSD seeks to enable the Warwick research community to understand how different geospatial tools and methods, including geospatial data analysis and visualisation, could complement research. It may contribute to research design where a significant need for geospatial methods is identified and in future it will offer services for those wishing to include elements of geographic information systems (GIS) in their work packages.

This service is useful if: 

  • You are new to geospatial information and need help exploring how it could be used for potential or existing research projects. 
  • You are currently using GIS and are having difficulty related to a specific method, tool or dataset. 
  • You would like an initial conversation around how GIS could make a contribution to a new research project.
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