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Early Career Researchers’ (ECR) Sustainability Training School (STS)

Missed STS in 2023?

Don't worry- we are coming back in April 2024! Click here if you are interested in joining STS 2.0

Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD) in partnership with the EUTOPIA consortium

We are delighted to announce that our first Early Career Researcher (ECR) Sustainability Training School (STS), organised by the IGSD in partnership with the EUTOPIALink opens in a new window consortium, was held on 5-9 June 2023 at the University of Warwick. Its main objective was to offer an opportunity for further skills development and exchange of ideas for PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers working on the issues of sustainable development and resilience across the globe. The ECR STS is an extension of our commitment to the University's Sustainability and Research Strategies.

The ECR STS provides an opportunity for the young researchers coming from our strategic partner-HEIs including EUTOPIA, the GUILD, SDSN UK, and Monash Alliance, to:

Programme and format of participation

The theme of the first ECR STS is on ‘Resilience and Sustainable Development’.

The theme responds to the current challenges and crises (e.g. earthquake in Turkey and Syria; war in Ukraine; flooding in Pakistan etc), in trying to find solutions, tools, models, and needed local and international support to nurture more resilient communities across different parts of the world. To this end, we invite interdisciplinary ECRs to join us for a five-day intense exchange and co-production of knowledge, skills training, and network-building, to enable us to tackle these global challenges together.

The ECR STS will offer an in-depth discussion around the submitted creative projects, which will be supplemented by skills training sessions, study visits, keynotes, roundtables and social activities.

If selected, participants will be required to submit up to 2,000 word paper or any other creative submissions in advance of the Training School, by 15 May 2023.


Places are limited, with a maximum of 25 participants, or 2 from each Strategic Partner-Institution, and the selection will be based on the following (but not limited to) criteria for the selection of top candidates (PhD or PostDocs):  
  • Creative project's suitability to the Call’s theme (resilience and sustainable development);
  • Candidates should come from an interdisciplinary background;
  • Strong motivation for participation in the STS supported by an explanation piece of how the participation supports and relates to the applicants’ studies and research;
  • Participants are expected to have a high level of English, and be at an advanced level of research;
  • Gender balance will also be taken into consideration


Accommodation and catering for all participants will be provided by the University of Warwick; while travel and visa requirements will be supported by the home institution.

This programme is presented by Warwick IGSD and EUTOPIA