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Liberal Arts student in a workshop

Core modules

Core modules are compulsory. You do not need to register for core modules; simply check your timetable on Tabula.

Optional core modules

Optional core modules must be taken if you wish to follow a certain pathway. Pay close attention to which pathways require optional core modules or you may be unable to follow a pathway in later years.

Optional modules

Every year you will be able to take a different number of optional modules from Liberal Arts or in other departments across the University. These modules comprise your unique pathway.


As part of your course, you'll have the unique opportunity to complete several certificates. These certificates will develop the skills vital for success in the workplace. Although the certificates are optional (and you can still complete your degree without taking the certificates), you are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity.

Your attainment of the certificates will be recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). You can show your HEAR to potential employers as proof that you have relevant professional skills. This will give you the edge over other graduates seeking employment.

Liberal Arts modules

External modules

External students

We're really happy to welcome students from across the University into our modules.

Find out more.