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About Us


The University of Warwick is the ideal home for a Liberal Arts degree that is transdisciplinary, forward-looking, innovative and intellectually challenging.

We are an ambitious department with a clear vision to undertake ground-breaking research and deliver a world-class liberal education programme. We have recently been awarded an Erasmus+ grant to undertake research on liberal arts education in the UK and across Europe. We will be working collaboratively with six European institutions to develop pedagogical approaches that facilitate and promote the creation of an undergraduate research culture on Liberal Arts courses. We have recently secured another grant from the European Consortium of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ECOLAS) to undertake a second piece of research on supporting student learning and the development of strong graduate attributes on Liberal Arts courses. Our teaching is truly research-led: all of our teaching staff are experts in higher education teaching and learning, conducting world-class research on new and powerful ways to help our students make the most of their time at Warwick. Our teaching staff infuse this unique departmental attention to structure and support with in-depth content, developed through internationally-recognized subject research.

We are a small department, recruiting a limited number of students each year because our teaching methods require intense and in-depth interaction between us and our students. Our students benefit from the expertise of a wide range of academics from across the university as well as from the undivided attention of our dedicated team of Liberal Arts academics.

Our students benefit from a unique range of opportunities to connect their personalised programme with world-leading research, bespoke study abroad programmes and work placements, and exclusive professional development certifications built into their course of study. Liberal Arts at Warwick students are supported to explore their intellectual passions and interests, develop strong leadership skills, and move with confidence into new areas of professional and intellectual inquiry.