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Why Warwick?

If you're aiming for the top, you can make it easier by giving yourself the best start. An institution that's a leading research university, that is ranked 57th in the world and is the most targeted university nationally by the UK’s top 100 graduate employers.*
A New Approach to Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts at Warwick isn't general studies; it's about solving problems. Through Problem-Based Learning, students learn to engage creatively and critically with a wide range of theories and methodologies to address the specific intellectual and practical questions in which they're interested. This approach is built on the active development of research and professional skills from day one, so you're prepared to move into the academic and professional worlds and make a difference.

Your programme is tailored to you, but you aren't left alone; we know that a tight-knit personal and intellectual community is key to your success. You'll bring your interests to a range of core modules designed to allow you to shape our discussions to what's productive for you. As you become more practiced with employing your research and critical thinking skills, you'll be able to bring those abilities to a specific area of interest: your pathway. Your pathway can take you either into a traditional subject area (History, Economics, etc.), or it can focus on a problem of your choosing (social justice, food security, global sustainable development, etc.). You're given space to build your degree, and we'll help you to think strategically and build a toolkit you'll draw on for the rest of your life.

Inspiring Teaching

You want your thinking to be transformed. You want to see the world from new perspectives. Our committed teaching staff will help you to make this happen.

At Warwick, you'll join a community where your perspectives, knowledge, values and aspirations are built into our teaching and learning approach. We'll work as partners and co-creators to ensure your education is relevant and meaningful. Our tutors are not only experts in a range of subject areas, but they also are experts in research-led teaching and learning; they publish and lecture regularly on the teaching methods used here at Warwick. This enables us to introduce you to fresh insights and take you to uncharted territories, guided by our experience and your interests.

We have over 230 student-run societies that you can become involved with.

We're a university with a world-class reputation for research, so we attract teachers who are among the very best in their respective fields. This means you'll be taught by those at the forefront of research. They're the teachers who are innovating. They're the teachers who are setting the agenda for others to follow.

International Connections

Our global connections mean that you can collaborate with students and academics from top overseas universities to explore new areas of research and learning. We have connections with institutions in over 40 different countries, including reserved places for Liberal Arts students to study at top partner institutions during an optional year abroad.

* Source: QS World University Rankings 2018, and The Graduate Market in 2017, High Fliers Research Ltd respectively