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Liberal Arts students in a workshop

You will study core Liberal Arts modules and have the freedom to choose optional modules from across the University.

Core modules

Academics from a variety of backgrounds and with a passion for transdisciplinary teaching lead our core modules.

Optional modules

You will be able to tailor your degree to answer the questions that matter to you, with the ability to study optional modules from across the University.

Co-curricular certificates

We offer a range of unique certificates outside of the curriculum as a way of continuing your professional development.

Liberal Arts core modules

The core modules on this course are led by tutors with a passion for liberal education. Using a Problem-Based Learning approach, these modules focus on investigating issues from different disciplinary perspectives. You will learn how to analyse problems and you will investigate and evaluate evidence and interpretations. We will also encourage you to develop your own responses. The core modules will help you to build a toolkit of primary and secondary research skills. They will also prepare you to engage with confidence in different modules across the University.

Year 1

Year 2

Final Year

Liberal Arts optional modules

The optional modules you choose from across the University will depend on the pathway you take. At every step of the way, we will help you reflect on your ambitions and the issues you care about. We will support you with choosing your optional modules to create a coherent degree that is unique to you and your interests.

We hope that you will enjoy the multi-faceted approaches of our own specialist academic team in Liberal Arts. If so, we have a range of engaging optional Liberal Arts modules on offer and you can incorporate these modules into your chosen pathway. We have built these modules on the transdisciplinary principles of the programme. For current students, optional modules within the Liberal Arts Department include:

Co-curricular certificates

Our professional development certificates are designed to develop skills that have been identified by employers as being vital for success in the workplace. Your attainment of these certificates will be recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Report, which you can show to employers.

For further information about core and optional modules in the Liberal Arts Department, please visit our modules pages.