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Routes and Pathways

To get the most from such an expansive and flexible degree, it helps to have some focus.

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In your first year, we will work with you to design a degree that develops in-depth expertise in your chosen area of interest You’ll select modules and either a route or a pathway that gives you the skills and knowledge to tackle what matters most to you. We'll guide and support you every step of the way in making your decision about which route or pathway to follow, and we'll be there if ever you decide to change your mind later in the degree.

Choose your own adventure

We will work closely with you when choosing your route or pathway. Your personal tutor will guide you to choose modules within your chosen area to ensure that your degree is best suited to your interests and future ambitions. You'll be guided and supported at each step of the way as you make your decision, and you can change your decision throughout the degree.* There are two types of pathways to choose from:

  1. Disciplinary Route: You will choose 25%-50% of your modules exclusively from one of our partner departments (usually at least one full-year module in each year of study). Your degree title will be BA (Hons.) Liberal Arts With ...... (insert name of partner department here). This pathway is for you if your passions lie in a particular subject.

  2. Specialist Pathway: You will choose your optional modules from across the University. Your pathway will be determined entirely by your interests and goals and you will set your own title. Your degree title will be BA (Hons.) Liberal Arts. The pathway you choose will be shown on your personalised Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).


of students on our Liberal Arts course agree with the statement 'My course has provided me with the chance to bring together information and ideas together from different topics'

(The National Student Survey 2023)

*NB: Students can switch from a route to a pathway at any point, and pathway titles may change throughout the degree. Switching from a pathway to a route is much more complex and usually not possible (as routes require that specific modules be taken in Y1, Y2, and final year).

Regardless of the pathway you choose, your course will fall under the following: