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Ethical Scrutiny at Warwick

University Statement on the Ethical Conduct of Research

The University of Warwick is committed to advancing and safeguarding the highest academic and ethical standards in all its research activities. On the 1st October 2003 the University of Warwick Council approved the establishment of a University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) to govern ethical policy and establish a research governance framework across the University. We are working closely with senior academics and administrative staff to ensure all members of staff and students conducting and participating in research activity that involves participants, their data and/or tissue adopt the University’s, Research Code of Conduct , Code of Practice for Dealing with Allegations of Research Misconduct, Guidelines on Ethical Practice and Whistleblowing Code of Practice.

UREC Ethical Scrutiny Framework

The University has introduced a comprehensive ethical scrutiny process to ensure that all research involving participants, their data and/or tissue, addresses relevant ethical considerations and is subject to appropriate ethical review. The UREC and its sub-committees will ensure appropriate ethical review of research and continue to develop policies and guidance to facilitate the protection of the University’s research participants.

Guidelines On Ethical Practice

The University is committed to promoting guidelines on ethical practice and supporting researchers with emerging issues in relation to ethics across all research fields. The University expects that staff and students will behave ethically and professionally in all their activities. It is the responsibility of staff and students to consider the ethical implications of their research using the Ethical Scrutiny Framework and all relevant guidelines of appropriate professional bodies to assist them in fulfilling their obligations.