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Head of Department Approval

Pre-Submission Approvals

When an academic has completed the application, Head of Department and Administrator (if applicable) authorisation will be sought. In order to formally submit the application Research and Impact Services (RIS) will need an FR14a statement to be 'signed' by the academic, the Head of Department and Administrator. This form is now completed via the Ideate online system. Heads of Department and Departmental Administrators will receive an email prompting them to access the system to review and approve applications. This approval is essential to the process as it confirms that the department can support the project, and it is mandatory to University financial regulations that this approval is completed. RIS is unable to submit any application until the FP14a approval process is completed.

Upon receipt of the application and completion of the FP14a approval process, RIS will arrange for institutional approval and will then submit the application to the funder via their online application system, or they will courier the application if the funder requires hard copies.



Award Approvals

Before any award is formally accepted by the University, Research and Impact Services requires the PI, Departmental Administrator and Head of Department to electronically sign an FP14b award acceptance, via the Ideate system. In signing this, the Head is confirming that all aspects of the research project are acceptable to the department.