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WELCOME to the home page of the Website of the Society for European Festivals Research.


We hope that all members of the Society will assist us in making this a thoroughly helpful research tool.

First: please join the Society!! There is no annual or joining fee. All you have to do is fill in the membership form by clicking on the appropriate instruction below. You will see on the form a legal undertaking to permit us to share your name and email address with other members of the Society.

For the Constitution of the Society click on the link below.

The Society originated at a meeting of a European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop held in Venice. A full description of the Workshop and the Report sent to the ESF are included on this site by way of links in the left-hand column.

You'll find on the site a variety of useful categories of information, as listed in the column at the left hand side of the screen. You will also find links to sites already in existence which hold information of interest to Festivals researchers.

A FORUM for your questions on Festivals topics can also be accessed from this site. We rely on members of the Society to offer answers. The appropriate area of the Forum is open to all. The Society convernors, initially Margaret McGowan, Ronnie Mulryne and Margaret Shewring, will moderate questions and answers. An INTERNATIONAL NETWORK, overseen by Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez, also allows for an exchange of research information and contacts.

The RECENT PUBLICATIONS section is currently edited by Linda Briggs (University of Warwick).

The Society's most recent Conference was held in Mons, Belgium, as part of the city's celebrations of its designation as the European Capital of Culture 2015. The Conference, 'Imperial Festivities in Hainaut, 1549', took place in October 2015 in collaboration with the Low Countries Sculpture Society and with generous sponsorship from the Fondation Mons

The Society for European Festivals Research

Listen to Rio West interviewing Professor Ronnie Mulryne and Margaret Shewring about the society:
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To join the Society, please follow the link to the application form under 'Membership'

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European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop

The Future of Research in Renaissance Festivals: Resources and Collaboration

21st and 22nd March 2010: Full Report (illustrated)

 Scientific Workshop Report for ESF