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SEFR Book Series

European Festival Studies: 1450–1700

Series Editors: J.R. Mulryne (University of Warwick, UK), Margaret Shewring (University of Warwick, UK) and Margaret M. McGowan (University of Sussex, UK)

This series, in association with the Society for European Festivals Research, builds on the current surge of interest in the circumstances of European Festivals – their political, religious, social, economic and cultural implications as well as the analysis of their performance (including architecture, scenography, scripts, music, dance, costumes, processions and fireworks) in both indoor and outdoor, urban and court, locations.

The series, including both essay collections and monographs, seeks to analyse the characteristics of individual festivals as well as to explore generic themes. It draws on a wealth of archival documentary evidence, alongside the resources of galleries and museums, to study the historical, literary, performance and material culture of these extravagant occasions of state.


Books already published in the Series (Ashgate):

Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance: Essays in Honour of J.R. Mulryne

Edited by Margaret Shewring (University of Warwick, UK), assisted by Linda Briggs (University of Warwick, UK). Contributors: Richard Cooper, Margaret M, McGowan, Monique Chatenet, R.J. Knecht, Evelyn Korsch, Iain Fenlon, Maria Ines Aliverti, J.R. Mulryne, Marie-Claude Canova-Green, Pesala Bandara, H. Neville Davies, Mary M. Young, Sydney Anglo, Michael Holden, Iain McClure, Melanie Zefferino, David Sánchez Cano, Mara R. Wade, Roger Savage, Eric Nicholson, Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly. Published 2013.

Dynastic Marriages 1612/1615: a Celebration of the Habsburg and Bourbon Unions

Edited by Margaret M. McGowan (University of Sussex, UK). Contributors: J.H. Elliott, Nicolas Le Roux, David Sánchez Cano, Maria Ines Aliverti, Marie Baudière, Monique Chatenet, Patrice Franchet d’Espèrey, Iain Fenlon, Paulette Choné, Margaret M. McGowan, Marie-Claude Canova-Green, Chantal Grell, J.R. Mulryne. Published 2013.

Ceremonial Entries in Early Modern Europe: the Iconography of Power

Edited by J.R. Mulryne (University of Warwick, UK), with Maria Ines Aliverti (University of Pisa, Italy) and Anna Maria Testaverde (University of Bergamo, Italy). Contributors: Richard Cooper, Linda Briggs, Margaret M, McGowan, Marie-Claude Canova-Green, Anna Maria Testaverde, Lucia Nuti, Julia de la Torre Fazio,Veronika Sandbichler, Jacek Źukowski, Margaret Shewring, Sara Trevisan, Jucinda H.S. Dean, Andrea Sommer-Mathis. Published 2015.


Books Under Contract (Routledge):

The Politics of Water in the Art and Festivals of Medici Florence: from Neptune Fountain to Naumachia. Felicia M. Else (Gettysburg College, USA). Due 2016.

Celebrations for the Wedding of Charles I and Henrietta-Maria,1625. Edited by Marie- Claude Canova-Green (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK) and Sara Wolfson (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK). Due 2016.

Architectures of Festival in Early Modern Europe: Fashioning and Re-fashioning Urban and Courtly Space. Edited by J.R. Mulryne (University of Warwick, UK), Krista De Jonge (University of Leuven, Belgium), Pieter Martens (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium) and R.L.M. Morris (University of Cambridge, UK). Due 2016.

Early Modern European Festivals and the Negotiation of Power: Occasions of State. Edited by J.R. Mulryne (University of Warwick, UK), Krista De Jonge (University of Leuven, Belgium), R.L.M. Morris (University of Cambridge, UK) and Pieter Martens (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium). Due 2016.

Performing Spaces: Triumphal Entries and Festivals in Early Modern Scotland. Giovanna Guidicini (The Glasgow School of Art, UK).



Other publications are expected to include:

Monique Chatenet (ed.), Princely Funerals in Europe, 1400–1700

Mary M. Young, Florentine Water Festivals in the Seventeenth Century

R.L.M. Morris, German Identities in the Court Festivals of German-Speaking Lands, c. 1519–1650

Margaret M. McGowan, Festivals and Violence: Princely Entries in the Context of War, 1480–1635

Margaret Shewring, Festivals and Spectatorship

Mårten Snickare, Theoretical Approaches to Renaissance and Early Modern Festivals

J.R. Mulryne, Margaret Shewring and Margaret M. McGowan, eds, Imperial Festivities in Hainaut, 1549