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WATE and WATE PGR Short and Long lists

Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence Short List

Gay Fagan, Warwick Medical School

Lorenzo Frigerio, School of Life Sciences

Yvette Hutchison, Theatre and Performance Studies

Mark Johnson, Warwick Business School

Camilla MacLean, Warwick Business School

Kate Mawson, Centre for Professional Education

Nick Phillips, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Michael Scott, Classics and Ancient History

Mark Storey, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Elke Thonnes, Statistics

Long List

Lewis Beer, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Gavin Bell, Physics

Peter Brommer, School of Engineering

Stephen Butterfill, Philosophy

Emma Campbell, Modern Languages and Cultures

Giuliano Castellano, School of Law

David Cooper, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Paul Cuff, Film and Television Studies

Theo Damoulas, Computer Science

Naomi de la Tour, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning

Nigel Denton, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Jon Duffy, Physics

Jacqueline Dynes, Centre for Education Studies

Madeleine Findon, Centre for Education Studies

Rebecca Fisher, Global Shakespeare / IATL

Michiel Foulon, Centre for Lifelong Learning

Michael Hammond, Centre for Education Studies

Charlotte Heath-Kelly, Politics and International Studies

Chiyako Hughes, Language Centre

Adam Johansen, Statistics

Rebecca Johnson, Warwick Medical School

Samuel Johnson, Warwick Mathematics Institute

Peter Kimber, School of Engineering

Graeme Knowles, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Georgy Koentges, School of Life Sciences

Maja Korica, Warwick Business School

Georgia Kremmyda, School of Engineering

Zorana Lazic, Statistics

David Lees, School of Modern Languages and Culture

Jonty Leese, Centre for Professional Education

Richard Lillington, School of Engineering

Jude McNabb, Warwick Business School

Alison Morgan, Centre for Professional Education

Michael Mortenson, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Barbara Nastoll, School of Law

Hassan Nizami, School of Law

James Pennington, School of Engineering

Maria do Mar Pereira, Sociology

Charlotte Price, Warwick Business School

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper, Politics and International Studies

Elena Riva, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning

Jamie Roebuck, Warwick Medical School

Adam Sanborn, Psychology

Simon Scott, Philosophy

Jörg Seifert, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Stephen Shapiro, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Karen Simecek, Philosophy

Peter Sims, Economics

Christian Soegaard, Economics

Alexander Stremme, Warwick Business School

Jo Trowsdale, Centre for Education Studies

Ian Tuersley, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Richard Tunstall, Warwick Medical School

Maria Walker, Warwick Business School

Helen Wheatley, Film and Television Studies

Margaux Whiskin, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Ling Wong, Warwick Medical School

Philip Young, School of Life Sciences

Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postrgraduates who Teach Short List

Greg Brown, Physics

Tobias Eriksson, Physics

Christiane Görgen, Statistics

Dženeta Karabegović, Politics and International Studies

John Lapage, School of Life Sciences

Rachael Procter, Physics

Lauren Schrock, Warwick Business School

Bex Southwell, School of Life Sciences

Lisa Tilley, Politics and International Studies

Greg Watson, Computer Science

Long List

Kwather Alfasi, Politics and International Studies

Ghasan Asbool, Economics

Thomasin Bailey, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Florian Bouyer, Warwick Mathematics Institute

Birgit Breidenbach, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Andy Burlinson, Warwick Business School

Hui-Pei Cheng, Economics

Henry Crosby, Computer Science

Ilke Dagli, Politics and International Studies

Andy Ferrara, Economics

Antonio Ferraz De Oliveira, Politics and International Studies

Phil Gaydon, Philosophy / Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning

Lorenzo Genito, Politics and International Studies

Pieralberto Guarniero, Statistics

Jo Harwood, School of Law

Lucy Hatton, Politics and International Studies

Pedro Lemos, Warwick Mathematics Institute

Alex Margaris, Warwick Mathematics Institute

Daniel Onah, Computer Science

Alex Peck, Classics and Ancient History

Iliana Peneva, Warwick Mathematics Institute

Joanna Russell-Cuttell, Sociology

Irina Schumski, Philosophy

Nick Tawn, Statistics

George Turcas, Computer Science

Chara Tzanetaki, Economics

Nelson Yeung, Physics