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WATE and WATE PGR 2018 Shortlist

We are very pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2018 Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE) and Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduates who Teach (WATE PGR).

The Warwick community responded enthusiastically this year, nominating over 70 members of staff and 35 postgraduates. Nominees came from 26 departments and centres from across the University and nearly three quarters of all nominations received came directly from or were co-supported by students.

Professor Christopher Hughes, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Chair of the WATE and WATE PGR judging process, commented

Our nominees for WATE and WATE PGR show an incredible range of skill and creativity in their approaches to teaching. Their individual and collective efforts are transforming the student experience at Warwick. The University is both proud of and grateful for their achievements. I congratulate everyone who was nominated and hope all nominees take satisfaction in knowing their work is being recognised and celebrated by colleagues and students alike.

WATE Shortlist WATE PGR Shortlist
Rebecca Johnson, Warwick Medical School Hannah Bridgewater, Life Sciences / Chemistry
Russ Kitson, Chemistry Nat das Neves Rodrigues, LDC / Chemistry
Jennie Mills, LDC Steven Day, Warwick Manufacturing Group
Mark Newton, Physics Carolin Debray, Applied Linguistics
Sandra Pereira, Warwick Business School Roxanne Douglas, IATL / English
Paul Prescott, English Jennifer Eggert, PAIS
Elena Riva, IATL Shannon Mathieu, PAIS
Jamie Roebuck, Warwick Medical School Daniel Mayoh, Physics
Ian Tuersley, Warwick Manufacturing Group Callum Thornton, Engineering
Philip Young, Life Sciences
Milly Weaver, English

WATE and WATE PGR winners and commendees will be announced at the end of June.