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Developing Academic Literacies

This open Learning Circle is led by Alexander Smith and Susie Cowley-Haselden.

Writing and reading are fundamental to academic practice. The aim of the Academic Literacies Learning Circle is to investigate and challenge the ways staff and students think about reading and writing in academia. The Learning Circle hopes to: 

  • Cultivate an understanding amongst students and staff that academic writing is negotiable and creative. 
  • Challenging the ways we think about reading and writing in academia.  
  • Offer a space for rethinking how we teach, assess, and produce writing. 
  • Rekindle joy and passion in reading and writing. 

The goals of this Learning Circle include:

  • Critically evaluating the academic literacies we wish to nurture at Warwick. 
  • Identifying (systemic) barriers to success in academia through a critical examination of academic writing requirements. 
  • Steering the direction of academic literacies at Warwick. Addressing strategic aims such as: 

Innovation: “work to remove barriers to innovative and creative activity” 

Inclusion:to remove the barriers to a Warwick education” 

  • Establishing pedagogical practices and research developed through a reimagining of academic reading and writing. 

By the end of 2023/24 our aims are to:

  • Host a one-day symposium on academic writing at Warwick 
  • Do the groundwork to establish/ pilot sister publications: student ezine and EAP journal. Both genre free and academically rigorous. 


    Members of this Circle included:

    • Bhushan Atote
    • Andrew Calvert
    • Juliana Carneiro
    • Romain Chenet
    • Susie Cowley-Haselden (Co-lead)
    • Laura Gelhaus
    • Karen Jackson
    • Jo Kukuczka
    • Dot Powell
    • Joanne Raynor
    • Sanchia Rodrigues
    • Alexander Smith (Co-lead)
    • Cleo Tilley

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