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Digital Education and Technologies for Teaching and Assessment (DETTA)

The Learning Circle is intended as a forum for exploring what a digital education framework should consider, exploring new technologies and updates to existing technologies such that recommendations can be made to the PVC Education in line with the digital education framework developed. Co-designing a framework through this Learning Circle will enable a range of perspectives from academics, technologists and students to be drawn together. The framework should also provide an adaptable frame to support the development of blended learning and how new and existing technologies/platforms can be woven together with this.

Our common goals:

  • The Learning Circle will produce a Digital Education Framework against which proposed investments in any technologies to support teaching, learning, assessment can be assessed.
  • Technologies to consider can be suggested by Learning Circle members and any other member of the university.
  • Recommendations will be made to the Pro VC Education regarding possible future investments to be made.
  • Demonstrations of technologies will be organised as appropriate. Some technologies may currently be used in specific parts of the university, while for some technologies, external suppliers may be invited to present their products.
  • Opportunities to explore technologies collaboratively with other higher education institutions will be arranged if appropriate.

By the end of the 2023/24 academic year, we aim to produce the following outcomes:

  • The Learning Circle will produce a Digital Education Framework document that will highlight the criteria against which any investment in digital education and technologies should be reviewed.
  • The Learning Circle will have produced an initial list of potential technologies to explore. This list will have been reviewed by the Pro VC Education with priority technologies identified.
  • A review of at least one technology will be completed and submitted to the Pro VC Education, with further reviews planned for the 24/25 academic year.
  • A meeting in WBS will have been completed, giving Learning Circle members the opportunity to review the most recent technologies adopted in WBS.
  • An exploratory meeting will have taken place with colleagues from King’s College London who have set up I-LEAD. Part of this group’s work similarly involves the exploration of potentially effective teaching, learning and assessment technologies.

Current members of this Learning Circle include:

  • Caroline Elliott (co-lead)
  • Matt Street (co-lead)