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Compassionate Pedagogy

The Compassionate Pedagogy Learning Circle will focus on holistic, person-centred approaches to how we interact across the university, aiming to imbue kindness and consideration into all of the activities we do. The University of Warwick, like many other universities, has a community of around 30,000 people, and this means that as a community we have a huge array of unique paths and perspectives. While inclusion and diversity are cornerstones of the Warwick community, now that we are all here, how do we ensure we coexist in a way that enables everyone to thrive? This Learning Circle aims to foster compassion across staff and students through a series of reflection activities, focus groups/workshops and vlogs/blogs, aiming to develop resources and guidelines to support compassion where appropriate.

By the end of the 2023/24 academic year, the Learning Circle aims to achieve:

  • A series of workshops on incorporating compassionate approaches across policy and practice.
  • Resources targeted at supporting staff and students to incorporate more compassionate approaches to their activities at university.
  • Co-created vlogs and podcasts to explore shared experience through encouraging compassionate interpersonal connection across the university. This will involve discussion about compassion, identity and what this means in different contexts for staff and students.

Current members of this Learning Circle include:

  • Gemma Gray (co-lead)
  • Luke Hodson (co-lead)

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