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Enhancing the VLE

This Learning Circle, which was led by Richard Clay and Jim Judges, is now closed.

This Learning Circle responded to a need at Warwick to better understand its VLE, in order to facilitate a more effective user experience - this was already a growing field, but the shifts brought about by Covid-19 made its work all the more pertinent. The Circle responded to both Covid and questions about how teaching practices use VLE, and made a number of recommendations to the University about how to proceed. These discussions are now being held at other levels across Warwick.

Target on computer screen

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) have become increasingly important in higher education, providing a range of digital tools to support teaching and learning. After the Covid-19 pandemic forced a shift towards online learning, there is now even greater emphasis and reliance on these systems. This means that, now more than ever, the effectiveness and usability of a VLE will have a direct impact on the user’s learning experience.

The aim of this Learning Circle was to identify and discuss possible enhancements to Warwick’s VLE, exploring how Moodle could be developed and used effectively to meet the pedagogic needs of students. The group focused on the user experience of staff and students and explored various aspects of the VLE such as usability and accessibility, visual design and the graphical user interface, as well as plugins and technologies that could extend the functionality of the VLE.

This WIHEA Learning Circle:

  • Captured staff and student experiences and feedback to evaluate use of the VLE and to identify areas for improvement
  • Shared best practice, innovative pedagogical approaches and solutions to problems
  • Acted as a forum for new initiatives and ideas
  • Evaluated new VLE technologies and tools with a focus on using technology to enhance learning and teaching
  • Made recommendations to help inform and steer the development of the VLE at Warwick

Current members of this Learning Circle:

  • Miriam Averna-Joint
  • Abigail Ball
  • Lory Barile
  • Rob Batterbee
  • Lewis Beer
  • Judith Brown
  • Nic Bullen
  • Stephen Bromfield
  • Richard Clay (Co-lead)
  • Sophie Cookson
  • Sarah Dahl
  • Nicholas Jackson
  • Lucy Johnson
  • Jim Judges (Co-lead)
  • Emil Kostadinov
  • Celine Martin
  • Leda Mirbahai
  • Zeina Rihawi
  • James Roscoe
  • Karoline Schneider
  • Amy Stickels
  • Farrah Vogel-Javeri
  • Jianhua Yang