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This Learning Circle is a forum for WIHEA fellows to discuss and develop initiatives and practices to work towards furthering the employability of our students. To this end this Learning Circle seeks to bring together multiple perspectives and stakeholders from across the institution and without to explore students’ employability journeys and develop tools to support them.

There is already a huge amount of work that goes into supporting our students with their employability. The core aim of this Learning Circle is to recognise the significant achievements that Warwick has made in this regard and to embed employability into the culture of our community.


Our agree common goals for 23/24 are :

  • Recruit fellows, both staff and students to develop a shared space to talk and develop a common language for employability.
  • Develop position papers/reports highlighting the current practice of embedding employability within the curriculum by various Departments (and more broadly, other Universities) and the challenges faced by them. This could be implemented through focus groups in terms of student collaborators, questionnaires to academic and PSS members of Departments.
  • To represent both the employers’ and student voice within the LC by actively working towards gathering employer perspectives on embedding employability within the curriculum and highlighting examples on co creating work.
  • To develop a workshop bringing together members of staff, students as well as employers with the aim of generating more hands-on experience for students. This would help achieve the objective of starting and continuing conversation among stakeholders, employers and academic work
  • Explore ways in which employability has been successfully embedded into the working and teaching culture of departments and to examine what approaches could be adapted to facilitate similar integration in other departments

For more information and to join please contact Atisha Ghosh (, Laura Yetton ( or David Molyneux (

Current members of this Circle:

  • Atisha Ghosh (co-lead)
  • David Molyneux (co-lead)
  • Laura Yetton (co-lead)

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