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Employability Learning Circle

Led by Emily Roisín Reid (WMS) and Bo Kelestyn (Chemistry)

Established as a group for everyone interested in finding ways of bringing student employability and skills into the curriculum. The first meetings of the circle were general discussions about employability, skills in the curriculum and what the circle could contribute. Following these early discussions, two work streams were established with one focussed on skills (led by Pat) and the other on employability based modules (led by Karen).

Employability modules group.

The group was established to share experience of including meaningful employability in the curriculum of a wide range of subjects to explore what learning might be possible from existing experience. This led to the creation of a session for the Warwick Education Conference titled Designing a module for employability. This was led by Karen Simecek with contributions from Debbi Marais, Associate Professor, WMS; Bo Kelestyn, Associate Tutor, IATL; Claire Lucas, Associate Professor, Engineering; Jane Bryan, Associate Professor, Law.

Skills group.

The group initially focussed on the Skills Badges work of Russ Kitson (Chemistry) in collaboration with colleagues at Monash (details here). Ideas from this project have been explored by circle members in WMG and Law with others interested in taking the ideas to their departments for discussion. With the Employability Strategy becoming more fully formed, the group is awaiting initial work on the creation of the Warwick Core Skills which will define a common set of skills throughout the university and across curriculum and co-curriculum. The group will feed into this work which is hoped will be commissioned over the summer 2019

If you would like to attend meetings or have ideas for other projects, please contact Pat Tissington

Current members of this circle:

  • Pat Tissington
  • Jane Bryan
  • Gurpret Chouhan
  • Charlie Cunningham
  • Gill Frigerio
  • Lee Griffin
  • Bo Kelestyn
  • Russ Kitson
  • Debbi Marais
  • David Molyneux
  • Sophie Reissner-Roubicek
  • Karen Simecek
  • Becca Stone
  • John Thornby
  • Leanne Williams
  • Anne Wilson