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Inclusive SEM Assessments

Our vision is to develop understandings about inclusive assessment design in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (SEM). We aim to generate knowledge that will support the creation of inclusive environments in which SEM assessments are collaboratively designed and developed in partnership with students, staff, and external stakeholders. The work of this sub-group will promote inclusive and equitable educational environments that empower students in SEM to reach their full potential and contribute positively to their future employment and the well-being of the broader community.

The mission of the Inclusive Assessment Learning Circle Sub-group: Inclusive SEM Assessments is to:

  • Provide evidenced-based advice, guidance, and recommendations for the University of Warwick regarding assessments in SEM.
  • Explore assessments in SEM in higher education and showcase inclusive assessment practices in SEM that provide students with equitable opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and competences for successful employability.
  • Analyse the perceived barriers to inclusive assessment in SEM and make recommendations that address these barriers for students and staff, aligning with the Inclusive Assessment Learning Circle's vision and mission.
  • Advocate for equitable access for students through their learning journey in SEM assessments, ensuring that they have the support and resources they need to succeed.

For more information about this sub-group, or to join, please email Kerry Dobbins ( or Sam Grierson (

Current members of this Learning Circle include:

  • Sam Grierson (co-lead)
  • Claire Rocks (co-lead)
  • Martyn Parker (co-lead)
  • Matthew Lucas
  • Greg Watson
  • Leanne Williams
  • Karen Kudar
  • Deanne Coppejans
  • Farzana Meru
  • Paul Goodhead
  • Andrew Brendon-Penn
  • Fatemeh Shahbazi
  • Ishwar Kapoor
  • Lucy Johnson
  • Tom Ritchie
  • Negar Riazifar
  • Shaheen Hassan
  • Loralie Rodrigues
  • Kerry Dobbins