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This Learning Circle is led by Catherine Hale and Jo Wale.

Interdisciplinarity has an impressive pedigree at Warwick. This Learning Circle allows those Fellows with a specific interest in interdisciplinary approaches to come together and learn from each other. It aims to gather data on interdisciplinary initiatives around the University and create a Warwick inventory of interdisciplinarity, which will be highlighted through a MyWarwick space with the ultimate aims of:

  • Promoting awareness and engagement with current interdisciplinarity opportunities
  • Creating new interdisciplinary initiatives, particularly new modules and research projects


The Learning Circle aims to:

  • Develop and disseminate exemplars of good practice.
  • Engage in ongoing evaluations with students and staff to enhance cross-disciplinary practices in the interest of the student learning experience.
  • Encourage strategic cross-disciplinary collaboration and joint cross-disciplinary investment by showcasing interdisciplinary initiatives at departmental and institutional levels
  • Advance the role and visibility of interdisciplinary teaching throughout the institution.
  • Continue to reflect and discuss on interdisciplinary themes, such as the barriers to interdisciplinary teaching, opportunities and challenges relating to the STEM Grand Challenge, and how the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teaching can be measured through data.
  • Continue to develop the online Interdisciplinary Staff Hub to include case studies and advice on designing an interdisciplinary module and embedding interdisciplinarity in digital education.

Members of this Circle included:

  • Ali Ahmad
  • Lazaros Andronis
  • Jo Angouri
  • Gavin Bell
  • Pierre Botcherby
  • Samantha Cook
  • Valentina Donzella
  • Tejal Fantania
  • Ross Forman
  • Kumayl Gangji
  • Catherine Hale (co-lead)
  • Debbi Marais
  • Jennie Mills
  • Leda Mirbahai
  • Nancy Olson
  • Robert O'Toole
  • Modupe Jimoh
  • Stefania Paredes Fuentes
  • Sophie Reissner-Roubicek
  • Zeina Rihawi
  • Claire Rocks
  • Julie Taylor
  • Ruth Taylor
  • Lauren Schrock
  • Alexander Smith
  • Jo Wale (co-lead)