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International Study Groups: China

The China Learning Circle will be led by Alyson Quinn, WMS to explore practices around given topics of pedagogical interest. Such topics include developing innovative teaching initiatives, assessment and feedback, effective group working, technology enhanced learning and student support principles.

An initial connection with a senior colleague (and a potential co-editor) from a Chinese University is being explored to develop this proposal further. It is proposed the colloquium will use an agreed facilitation method, where small mixed teams will be formed to each engage with one of the given topics. Practices and challenges in both educational cultures will then be explored and captured, followed by a scholarly evaluation of underlying educational assumptions (why do we do this in this way?). Ultimately, the intention is to maintain the integrity of each educational culture, whilst looking for new forms of learning and teaching that are informed by Chinese and UK perspectives, with a view to developing short publishable works that can aid understanding and future collaboration across both educational cultures.

If you are a WIHEA Fellow interested in joining this learning circle or a member of staff with information or an interest in this area, please contact Alyson Quinn.