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International Study Groups: India

The India Learning Circle will be co-led by Dr David Davies and Prof Gwen van der Velden, both of whom have ample experience of engaging with Indian higher education institutions and/or policymakers. The group will engage in activities that help develop insight and understanding of the highly complex HE sector in India. Activities for this may be sharing of knowledge and experience as well as reference to literature, including the annual India Higher Education Report (NUEPA). The India Learning Circle will align its work as appropriate to the emerging Warwick strategy for India, which is currently being developed by the Office for Global Engagement.

Akin to activity planned for engagement with Chinese education scholars, this learning circle may seek to establish a Colloquium which is aimed at exchange and fusion of academic practice ideas. Such activity could lead to the development of publishable work(s) that bring understanding of teaching in Indian HE and UK HE closer together. Discussions with the British Council have started to support scholarly interaction with India.