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Internationalisation has been identified as one of three aspects of learning beyond boundaries where Warwick excels. There are a very wide range of ways to engage students in internationalisation, including student mobility, learning from fellow students, internationalisation in the curriculum and much more. The exchange of ideas, practices and experience across the disciplines is always much valued by colleagues and this Learning Circle enables Fellows to engage in such exchanges.

Reflections on Supporting International Students during Covid-19

Project Lead: Bryan Brazeau

Project Team: Claire O’Leary, Sandra Pereira, Amanda Hopkins, Caroline Gibson, and Elena Riva

This document brought together the thoughts of a number of colleagues in the Circle on how we might best support international students during the pandemic. It aimed to foster and spur discussion both within and across departments to ensure that we continued to create a welcoming and enriching university experience for our international students.

Members of the Learning Circle have worked on a number of funded projects, sharing progress, outcomes and outputs at Circle meetings to ensure that each informs the other. Examples of such projects are:

Embedding international and intercultural perspectives in teaching and learning

Project Team: Troy McConachy, Sophie Reissner-Roubicek, Claire O'Leary, Jennie Mills, Jo Angouri

    Student Wellbeing when Studying or Working Abroad

    Project Lead: David Lees

    Internationalisation of the student learning experience: a state-of-the-art approach to teaching and learning

    Principal Investigator: Caroline Gibson (Warwick), Principal Investigator: Nadine Normand-Marconnet (Monash)

    Project Team: Claire O'Leary, Sophie Reissner-Roubicek (Warwick), Sarah McDonald (Monash)

    If you wish to find out more or join this Learning Circle, please contact Dr Ross Forman ( or Dr Freeha Azmat (


    Current members of this Circle include:

    • Jo Angouri
    • Freeha Azmat (Co-lead)
    • Bhushan Atote
    • Emma Barker
    • Lewis Beer
    • Bryan Brazeau
    • Simon Brown
    • Emira Elasra
    • Ross Forman (Co-lead)
    • Caroline Gibson
    • Zhiyan Guo
    • Wendy Hunt
    • Martin Lander
    • Andrea Klaus
    • Jennie Mills
    • Leda Mirbahai
    • Sandra Pereira
    • Sophie Reissner-Roubicek
    • Karoline Schneider
    • Anna Trantner
    • Jianhau Yang
    • Roberta Wooldridge Smith
    • Rosie Doyle
    • Fiona Farnworth
    • Atisha Ghosh
    • Ravi Vaishnavi
    • Massimiliano Tamborrino

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