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New Learning Circles

WIHEA Fellows are invited to lead or join the folowing Learning Circles which are about to be established, please email if you are interested.

Module Evaluation:

This learning circle will be looking at existing practices in module evaluation both within Warwick and elsewhere. The circle may also explore some of the literature on the topic and look for ways to share best practice and develop a sense of how module evaluations can support a range of interests, from both staff and students.


Internationalisation has been identified as one of three aspects of learning beyond boundaries where Warwick excels. There are a very wide range of ways to engage students in internationalisation, including student mobility, learning from fellow students, internationalisation in the curriculum and much more. The exchange of ideas, practices and experience across the disciplines is always much valued by colleagues and this learning circle enables Fellows to engage in such exchanges. The circle may (or may not) decide to engage with some of the institutional strategic development work around interdisciplinarity that is likely to come up in the coming years.


Modern universities worldwide have invested in minor and major ways in the physical student experience in response to changing ways of learning, new technologies and innovative teaching methods. This learning circle intends to bring together Fellows with an interest in spaces for learning in the widest sense, so that Fellows can learn from each other, explore new spaces and new uses of space. It is hoped that ‘expeditions’ to other universites will be organised to see how space can be innovatively deployed for effective learning.


Interdisciplinarity has an impressive pedigree at Warwick. This group is intended to allow those Fellows with a specific interest in interdisciplinary approaches, to come together and learn from each other. The learning circle may also want to engage with the extensive literature available and inform and steer future policy and strategic development of interdisciplinarity at Warwick.

Learning Analytics:

Learning analytics has the potential to significantly impact on the student experience. The promise of using data and analytics to help staff and students understand their educational journey is certainly attractive but raises many ethical, policy and practical questions.

This learning circle brings together fellows who are interested in the promises and perils of gathering, analysing and using student data. The learning circle will look at a range of issues such as privacy and consent, ethics and responsibilities, the opportunities for analysis and intervention, data-informed learning design and the potential impact on students and staff.

Creative Pedagogy:

An increasingly volatile and uncertain world, will require all our students to be; entrepreneurial and agile; comfortable with diversity; critical and questioning. Creative pedagogy stresses interaction, imagination, invention and criticality in learning. In this Learning Circle, we will consider a range of ideas, principles and strategies for encouraging students to become active and engaged in shaping how as well as what they learn has the potential to impact on their future work identities. Together we will explore a rational for Creative Pedagogy in higher education through a range of teaching approaches and resources. Theory used to underpin the sessions will draw on the work of Csikszentmihalyi and Kolb.