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Learning from crisis: taking our pandemic learning into the future


Many conversations are taking place about how we track, learn from and make sense of the crisis, our response to it, and how we build bridges to a post-pandemic future within HE more broadly, and within Warwick specifically. In this learning circle, we will support the Warwick community in openly and honestly reflecting on the measures that we’ve taken (and are taking) in response to Covid-19 in four categories – stopped activity, paused activity, temporary measures, and innovations (RSA, 2020) – with a view to making recommendations to the university about what we should take forward from this time, and what can be left behind, specifically in regards to learning and teaching. We are seeking a group of people to join this learning circle who willing to give time and energy for a limited time, to support and challenge each other, to consult with the wider university, and to make concrete recommendations to the university so that the learning of this time, for which we have paid such a high price, is embedded with intentionality and vision going forward.

The lead of this Learning Circle is Naomi de la Tour (IATL). For further information, you can contact her at

WIE/WIHEA Joint Learning Circle: Developing a Pedagogy of Public Engagement

***Send expressions of interest to***

This LC will run in conjunction with WIE, and will develop recommendations and guidance in the field of the Pedagogy of Public Engagement (teaching and assessment) focused at both UG and PGT level. This LC will work in collaboration with the WIE Training in Public Engagement Learning Circle and will also participate where appropriate in UG Opportunity and Skills sessions and WIE’s IATL Public Engagement module. It will also in turn offer support where appropriate to staff and Departments (and EPQ) for the introduction of Public Engagement aspects to current modules / new Public Engagement modules and forms of assessment.
To find out more or express an interest in joining the new learning circles, please contact: