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Past Learning Circles

Student Voice/ Experience

The Circle is currently on hold. Some of the Circle activities included:

  • Engaged with the literature around student voice and engagement in the development in the learning experience (rather than how learning takes place in the classroom)

  • Identified areas for research

  • Promoted writing in the area of student voice

Curriculum Review FrameworkLink opens in a new window

Led by Jennie Mills (ADC). This Learning Circle now on hold explored the concept of developing a Curriculum Review Framework. Members:

  • discussed and shared practice
  • explored what support academic departments require to undertake a curriculum review;
  • and how to engage students so that they play an integral part in curriculum review

Module Evaluation Link opens in a new window

Link opens in a new window

Led by Cathy Hampton (SMLC). This learning circle will soon be closing, it has looked at:

  • existing practices in module evaluation in Warwick and elsewhere
  • literature on the topic
  • shared best practice on how module evaluations can support learning

Learning from CrisisLink opens in a new window

Co-led by Naomi de la Tour (IATL) and Tiana Holgate (Sociology), this Open learning circle aims to:

  • Reflect on the measures taken during the Covid-19 crisis
  • Make recommendations on what to take forward