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Meeting overviews

During the learning circles we have discussed the following articles. If you would like copies of the questions we discussed and meeting summaries please email We also welcome suggestions for articles to read.

28th May 2020 

Abdulla, M.H., 2018. The use of an online student response system to support learning of Physiology during lectures to medical students. Education and Information Technologies, 23(6), pp.2931-2946. 

Deeley, S.J., 2018. Using technology to facilitate effective assessment for learning and feedback in higher education. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 43(3), pp.439-448. 

Khan, S. and Khan, R.A., 2019. Online assessments: Exploring perspectives of university students. Education and Information Technologies, 24(1), pp.661-677. 


28th April 2020 

O’Toole, R. (undated) Exploring and Dissolving the Wicked Problem of Flexibility: helping students and teachers feel at home with technologies. Paper for discussion. 


10th February 2020 

Gravett, K. and Kinchin, I.M. (2020) Referencing and empowerment: exploring barriers to agency in the higher education student experience. Teaching in Higher Education, 25 (1), pp.84-97. 


16th January 2020 

Richardson, M. and Healy, M. (2019) Examining the ethical environment in higher education. British Educational Research Journal, 45(6), pp.1089-1104. 


9th December 2019 

Carless, D. and Boud, D., 2018. The development of student feedback literacy: enabling uptake of feedback. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 43(8), pp.1315-1325. 


6th November 2019 

Gibson, S., 2015. When rights are not enough: What is? Moving towards new pedagogy for inclusive education within UK universities. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 19(8), pp.875-886. 


10th October 2019 

Collins, A., Azmat, F. and Rentschler, R., (2019). ‘Bringing everyone on the same journey’: revisiting inclusion in higher education. Studies in Higher Education, 44(8), pp.1475-1487. 

During each meeting, amongst other questions, we explore the following:

  • How could the research be translated into improved learning and teaching in our own discipline?
  • Should the research inform our teaching practice or our departmental learning and teaching philosophy?


This list of magazines and periodicals provides interesting reading and are also possible journals to which you may like to submit pedagogical research of your own.

This page includes details of the papers we have discussed so far. Please contact for further information.