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Peer Observation

A group of Fellows, under the leadership of Dr Andrew Clark, have started a process of evaluating different processes of peer review of teaching.

At Warwick, the formal peer review process concentrates solely on teaching observations, which may not always seem effective as a means of teaching enhancement. Furthermore, the uptake across campus is mixed: while some departments and centres have long-standing systems in place, others are eager to innovate their current approach.

In various higher education institutions, teaching observation is one of the approaches to peer review, with semi-structured peer evaluation of other teaching practices (use of assessment methods, feedback practices, online learning approaches, use of technologies for teaching, etc.) being used as an alternative.

Our group will evaluate current systems and their perceived effectiveness. We will also explore peer review processes for teaching in place at other institutions.

The Peer Observation group hopes to consult with colleagues across the institution and make suggestions on enhancing the Warwick peer observation system.