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Peer Mentoring

This Learning Circle, which was led by David Bather Woods and Julie Taylor, is in the process of becoming a Forum.

This Circle sought to support the development of student peer mentoring at Warwick. The Learning Circle brought together colleagues with an interest in student peer mentoring (and peer-assisted learning) to share existing practice and to develop future initiatives across the institution. The initial aims of the Learning Circle were:

  • To establish existing practice of student peer mentoring and peer-assisted learning across Warwick
  • To investigate examples of best practice across the sector as a whole
  • To support departmental and Faculty-wide initiatives to develop peer mentoring and peer-assisted learning
  • To examine potential future policy for student peer mentoring and peer-assisted learning across the institution

A WIHEA-funded project worked closely with the Learning Circle to review and strengthen existing peer support networks across the University. To find out more about this project, please click here. To read more about a selection of peer mentoring resources created in a project led by our Circle leads, click here.

    Members of this Circle included:

    • David Lees
    • Karen Simececk
    • David Bather Woods (Co-Lead)
    • Julie Taylor (Co-Lead)
    • Kate Courage
    • Beccy Freeman
    • Louise Hasler
    • Wendy Hunt
    • Jagjeet Jutley-Neilson
    • Elena Riva
    • Christian Soegaard

    • Sam Cook
    • Evelin Sanderson-Nichols

    Members' Area