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An Institutional Review of Interdisciplinarity Opportunities

Following on from the WIHEA funded projects on Student Research and Internationalisation, this project seeks to investigate the cross-departmental perspective and the student experience of interdisciplinarity at Warwick, another key strand of the Education Strategy.

This project aims to map exactly what Warwick is offering to students by conducting an audit of interdisciplinary activity across the institution. This includes capturing the different requirements and potentially barriers that academic departments and students are facing when they are working, researching and studying across disciplines.

This will enable us to provide a full picture of the interdisciplinarity (as it links to cross-departmental collaboration and student experience) offering at the University, identify any areas of good practice in departments, identify overlap between initiatives and enable us to investigate how current interdisciplinary efforts can be linked better.

It will also enable us to communicate the University’s offering in this area to students more effectively. This communication is the subject of a parallel project aiming to curate and present the impact of interdisciplinary activity on the student experience and develop a digital MyWarwick Interdisciplinarity portal to ensure all interdisciplinary opportunities are represented in a coherent way to students. For more information please contact the Project Leads, WIHEA Fellows Russ Kitson r dot kitson at warwick dot ac dot uk and Jo Wale j dot r dot wale at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Project team

Russ Kitson, Project Lead

Jo Wale, Project Lead

Vasanthi Subramonia Pillai, Project Officer

Bo Kelestyn, Project Officer