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Internationalisation Funded Projects

This project aims to investigate and highlight how key staff within the institution have gone about the process of internationalising the curriculum at the module level.

Development of productive Year Abroad Questionnaire Platform

This project looks at the possibilities for effective collection and qualitative analysis of a large and complex data set through the exploration of alternative online platforms to moodle (Perception and Qualtrics).

Following on from the WIHEA funded projects on Student Research, this project seeks to investigate the student experience of internationalisation at Warwick, another key strand of the Education Strategy.

The aim of this project is to undertake a review of the wellbeing experiences of students on work or study abroad. The project seeks to collate the experiences of students who have spent or are spending time abroad in the course of their degree programme, with the particular aim of examining how these students have managed their wellbeing abroad and how they have been supported in terms of their wellbeing by the institution.

This project aimed to extend the knowledge of innovative approaches to online learning for Chinese students by exploring a key aspect of social learning and the use of social media.