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Upcoming: Dr Matthew Nicholls Masterclass

The Warwick International Higher Education Academy is pleased to announce the visit of Dr Matthew Nicholls from the University of Reading from 3-4 of May 2017.

During his visit, Dr Nicholls will offer a lab session in which he will introduce beginners to some basic 3D tools, followed by a lecture in which he will talk about his experience of embedding digital modelling in his research and teaching.

Getting Started in SketchUp: An Introduction to a 3D Drawing Environment for Historical (And Other) Reconstructions

1-3 pm, Wed 3 May, R0.41 (computer lab near LIB2)

11 am - 1 pm, Thu 4 May, R0.41 (repeat session)

In this lab session, Dr Nicholls will introduce beginners to some of the basic tools in SketchUp, and demonstrate its use as a tool for teaching and thinking about (for example) environments and buildings.

Please note each session is limited to 42 participants, so booking is essential. Please book here.

Virtual Rome: Digital Modelling of the Ancient City for Research, Teaching, and Outreach

4 pm, Wed 3 May, OC0.04

In this lecture, Dr Nicholls will talk about his detailed digital model of Ancient Rome, and explain some of the processes and challenges involved in creating it. He will also discuss its use in teaching, as a research tool, and as a way of bringing ancient history to public audiences.

Forum Romanum 360° - Life of Rome

Experimenting with 360° video rendering inside Unity. For the best experience watch on your iPhone via the YouTube App, or on your desktop with Chrome.

About Dr Matthew Nicholls

Dr Matthew Nicholls, Associate Professor in Classics at the University of Reading, uses digital modelling for research and teaching. His ‘Virtual Rome’ project focused on the creation of a digital model of Ancient Rome, now used in teaching, gaming, television and virtual reality contexts (Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, see more here.). His module ‘Digital Silchester’ is popular for its embedded technology use, student-led curriculum design and enquiry-based learning. Matthew’s work was recognised with a Guardian University Award in 2014.