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Professional Behaviours – Learning materials for students training to become professionals

In this project, two departments with a strong commitment to professionalism (Warwick Medical School and the Centre for Teacher Education) collaborated to produce interactive and thought-provoking educational material relating to professional behaviours. The aim of this project was to create resources that can be used across both the teaching and medical professions, demonstrating to students the common factors that apply to both professions, and helping them to develop their own knowledge, skills and attitudes in this important area.

The learning materials produced were based on research literature, which suggests that students learn best how to act in a professional manner by observing role models, by discussing ethical and professionalism dilemmas in a safe group setting, and by discussing real issues and cases.

The teaching materials produced for this project consist of case scenarios, generated by students and based on real professionalism issues encountered in both medical and teacher training. A variety of media was used (text, audio, video) to present the cases. Questions to facilitate student group discussions about the ethical issues were posed and students were able to learn in an authentic yet safe way how to match their behaviour to that expected by their professions.

More information and examples are provided in a project poster.

Lead Collaborators


Dr. Anne-Marie Chilton, Warwick Medical School


Julie Taylor, Centre for Teacher Education